Every year millions of children experience accidents in or around the house.  Some are minor, but others can be fatal.  Almost all of these injuries are preventable. While we worry about children riding their bikes to a friend’s house, or talking to strangers, we often forget to look around the house for potential safety hazards.  Here are some essential tips to protect your child, yet still allow him to explore his environment:

  • Check out our tips from professional child proofers: http://doormonkey.com/top-professional-child-proofers-weigh-in-on-the-biggest-mistakes-parents-make-when-child-proofing-their-homes/ and our getting started with child proofing post:  http://doormonkey.com/how-to-begin-child-proofing-your-home/ 
  • Children are always fascinated by water and the bathroom is often their favorite place in the house. Install a child proof door lock like the Door Monkey to prevent access to this unsanitary temptation.  The Door Monkey can also prevent pinch related injuries common with household doors.
  • What’s with electric outlets and children? No matter how hard you try, children often manage to remove the plug-in caps and try poking their tiny fingers in. Replace plug-in caps with sliding safety covers. And if you are using extension cords, secure the connections with electric tape.
  • Children are also fascinated by tiny objects like bobby pins, loose change, chewing gum, and hard candies. These are all choking hazards. Keep all of these types of items secured and beyond the reach of children.
  • Lock doors to the garage, attic, or any other place that your child shouldn’t be going.  Move Chemicals, medicines, and any other harmful items to upper cabinets.

Child-proofing is an ongoing process.  Our FB page has great tips every week to help keep your family safe. 

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