Raising a pet is a lot like raising a child, you can never predict what they will get into.  Here are a few tips to help keep your pets safe.

  • Get Down On Your Knees:

I know this sounds funny, but that’s the best way to find hidden dangers that your puppy could get into. Electric cords, small objects that are choking hazards, objects with pointed edges, plants that could be toxic, etc. should all be off the ground and out of reach. Slippers and shoes should also be kept away if you have a puppy that’s in the teething stage. Replace these objects with plenty of chew toys.

  • Keep Cabinet Doors Secured:

Cabinets storing cleaning detergents should be kept closed and secured at all times. Other cabinets should also remain closed to prevent pets from locking themselves inside.

  • Keep Pets Away From the Bathroom and Bedrooms:

Soaps, shampoos, razors, cotton swabs…. there are tons to things inside a bathroom that could be potentially hazardous to your pet. Remember to always keep the door closed, or install the Door Monkey childproof door lock which keeps the door slightly open to allow fresh air to circulate. And yes, remember to keep the toilet lid down at all times. Cats are curious little animals, make sure they don’t jump into the dryer before you turn it on. As for the bedroom, pets tend to drift towards things that smell like you. You bedding, shoes, clothes, etc. are their favorite chew toys. If you don’t want them inside your bedroom Keep them out with the Door Monkey childproof door lock. Order yours now! Click here 

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