Many new pet parents don’t realize how important pet proofing your home is, not only for the safety of your pet, but to keep your nice things nice. Dogs and cats can do a lot of damage around the house. Here are a few tips to get your house ready for your new pet.

Start by getting on the ground- Crawl around and see your home from your pet’s point of view. A new dog may try to eat everything it can get to including furniture, decorations, and electrical wiring. Get little things up and out of easily accessed areas. Hide and cover wires, and plugs or your pup could get a shock.

Keep shoes, socks, and other “treats” put away. There is nothing worse than finding your favorite shoe chewed to pieces (how do they always know!). Until you can completely trust your new pet be diligent about putting things away.

Spray your furniture with sour spray. This can be purchased at most pet stores and gives items an unpleasant flavor, so your pet won’t want to chew it in the first place. This is best done preventatively, because once your pet decides that bookshelf is his new favorite chew toy there may be little you can do to deter him.

Determine if any of your plants are toxic to animals. The beautiful Poinsettia that your neighbor brought over for Christmas is a hidden danger to your dog or cat. Put it up on a high shelf, or give it to a pet free home. Here is a helpful list of toxic and non-toxic plants for your reference Toxic Plants

Check your cabinets and garage for toxins. You many not think that your pet will get into these areas but they can, and items like antifreeze look and taste like a treat to your pet, and even a few drops can be deadly.

Check your compost. Compost can be an irresistible treat for your pet, but it can be deadly. Toxic mold and bacteria that grow in unfinished compost can cause seizures and death. Secure your compost off the ground in a tumbler or worm bin.

It becomes much easier to manage a new dog or cat when you can confine him/ her to a few rooms that are safe. When you are out of the house keep your pets in a secure kennel- they will learn to love their own safe space. Use a Door Monkey to keep the pets out of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the office. The Door Monkey helps to secure the room, and create a pet proof door, but still allows for fresh air circulation when heating and cooling.

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