Thousands of children are seriously injured every year. They’re more likely to hurt themselves inside the house rather than outside. From electric sockets and pointed furniture, to blankets and quilts, there are hundreds of items that could be potentially dangerous for your child. Here are three rules to remember when childproofing your house:

Rule 1: See Your Home From a Baby’s Point of View

Get down on your hands and knees to scope out the house and see things from your baby’s point of view. What are the potential safety hazards likely to be within their reach? Once you have initially baby proofed your home it is important to remain vigilant.  Reevaluate your home as your child grows and they are able to reach new dangers .

Rule 2: Keep Things Under Lock and Key

Pins, beads, buttons, clips, etc. are choking hazards. Remember to sweep the room before you let your child down to play. If the room needs cleaning, install the Door Monkey child door lock to keep your baby out until the room is safe for play. Medication, cleaning detergents, makeup, knives, etc. should always be kept locked inside cabinets or stored up high, out of your baby’s reach. It doesn’t matter if the product comes with a child-resistant packing, you never know what inquisitive children can do! As a first line of defense, install childproof door locks like the Door Monkey.  They’re easy to use, and sturdy enough to prevent toddlers from entering the secured room.

Rule 3:  Always Remain Prepared for An Emergency

Keep emergency phone numbers handy.  Display them prominently so that they are accessible to all family members. Program emergency numbers on your phone and remember to share these numbers with your caregivers. Also store phone numbers for local poison control centers. Keep first aid supplies handy and ensure that everyone knows where they are located.

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