Children may have all the toys in the world, yet nothing fascinates them more than a door! They could spend hours opening and shutting it, but the fascination doesn’t stop at doors. Practically anything that can be open and closed (and potentially slam their fingers) intrigues them. Here are some simple hacks to make sure that children pass through this phase without major accidents:

  • Lock doors to the garage, attic, or any other place that you don’t want your child to go. Similarly, lock drawers, cupboards, and cabinets.  Chemicals, medicines, and any other harmful items should be moved to the upper cabinets where they are beyond the reach of children.  Rooms can be secured by simply using the lock on the door, but constantly having to lock and unlock the door can be a real hassle.  It is much easier to install a child door lock such as the Door Monkey.  Children can easily lock themselves in with a traditional door lock, but a quality childproof door lock gives adults access from both sides of the door.  This eliminates the danger of an accidental lock in. 
  • Glass doors can be a danger for both children and adults.  To prevent serious injuries make sure you have stickers or something that shows that there is a closed glass door.  Stickers or decals should be placed at eye level for both children and adults. 
  • Childproof stairs by installing safety gates. Use gates that can be screwed into the wall and not ones that just use rubber stoppers. Check out our full post on safety gates.
  • Folding or sliding doors can be especially difficult to child-proof.  If these doors don’t have existing locks, cabinet locks or simple zip ties can sometimes be used to secure the door.  It may take some creativity to secure these areas.  If you are really having a hard time,  a professional child-proofer might be helpful. 
  • Interior doors can be a serious safety hazard.  Slammed and pinched fingers are some of the most common home injuries for children.  The Door Monkey functions as both a door lock and a pinch guard to help keep little fingers safe.

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